Court Fencing

A good fence will allow for maximum visibility and withstand the test of time. Ace Courts can offer many different fence design options. Our fences are well-constructed and incorporate only quality materials. For tennis facilities, Ace Courts features design components such as California corners and the installation of divider fencing in between each court. The fence layout provides an attractive design that is extremely functional.
Fence Painting
Ace Courts can also modify, renovate or repaint existing fencing. Changing or refreshing the fencing system can give an older court a new and updated feel. For a fraction of the cost to install a new fence, old rusty fencing can be painted with specially formulated paint products. These paint systems are designed for marine use, so they hold up well in extreme weather conditions while inhibiting rust from returning. If the chain link is rusty and bent, we often recommend painting the frame and just replacing the chain link. We can also modify the original fence design to eliminate that “jail cell” type feeling older fencing systems created.